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Invest In Your FAMILY




Training With ERIC BYRD

Family of dog lovers providing personal service. Passionately helping dog owners become dog handlers. Working together using our 5th POWER TRAINING SYSTEM

Your dog, or dogs are your family, they are your babies, your life. Why not treat them, and yourself with the level of respect that you all deserve. Dog handling goes beyond simple tricks. We help you to make a connection that will create respect, obedience, and a deeper friendship with your pup.

Eric Byrd has created a fantastic system with his 5th Power Training that will get you to places you didn’t even know you wanted to be with your furry friend. Set up a consultation and let us help your family get to the next level.

Let’s GO

Get IN Shape

Real Work. Real Results.

Certified Trainer

Eric Byrd is Certified in the 5th Power Training System, which he has develpoded over the last 30 years. He has also certified other dog trainers in his system with outstanding results.


Are your pups eating right? Do they get all they need, and the types of food that will best help them to grow into the powerful dog they could be?

leash Training

Eric lash developed and made is own line of safety leashes that are out of this world. They are multi-function leashes that will do everything you need. Get the training, get the leash. Start today!


trust & friendship


30 years of experience in one system


Go from Dog Owner to Dog Handler


It isn't about Control, it's about trust


Connect with your furry friend in a new way

BE SanE, GET Gain

Real Work.
  Real Results.

What kind of Training

Popular Programs

Here are just a few of the options available. We can customize something special just for your needs. We come to you, or we also offer boarding for our bootcamps. Let’s discuss all the options


Get 1 on 1 Training for You and your little one. Building trust and connection.

Mobility training

Get your pup used to being out in public setting without the fear of running off or worse.

Socializing & group

It’s important for your Canine Companion to be socially balanced with other dogs, people, and places. We have social sessions, and engagement training exercises available as well.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

One thing I do know bout this guy here he’s very passionate about what he’s doin and he’s very very good at it Training dogs is hard work gotta have a lot of patience and with DOG Handling Dojo it will show u things we all didn’t know about dogs and learning different ways how to handle ur dogs I can tell all day bout it but u have to see for urself any questions about anything he’s got ur back go ahead see for yourself

George Graves

Byrd has been great with our 2 German Shepherds. One of them is training 2 times a week and the other is doing the 30 day board and train program. I have been very happy with the results, and would definitely recommend him!

Justin Poritzky

Byrd is a true dog synergist, taking the time and making the effort to get to know each individual dog and their people. We highly value his connection vs. attachment approach and would recommend him to anyone looking to have that relationship with their dog. As he says, he’s a dog lover first, dog trainer second. It shows in every training exercise. We’re grateful for his help training our good boy to be a great boy!

Sarah Phillips

We met Byrd in the Lake Eola Farmers Market before we got our dog Ozzy. we had a few behavioral issues with him and them asked Byrd to help. The results even after 5 days are phenomenal. He coaches owners as much as our dog. I highly recommend Byrd to get your dog to be a good boy

Mark Phillips

First off, I met Byrd at the vet and I needed my bro with me to help keep my two dogs under control. When everyone in the waiting room saw my big boy and pulled back, Byrd was excited to see him! It was amazing seeing the transformation in my dogs thanks to him. He really got a feel for what they needed, especially what they need from me. Just as important as his training with the dogs, he let me know what I needed to tweak and work on. They were constantly barking at any sound they heard, chewing through whatever they could find, pulling on the leash, just doing whatever they pleased. Thanks to Byrd’s guidance they are completely different dogs now. You can see how much calmer and relaxed they are. They’re actually patient now and wait for my okay instead of charging at whatever they want. I would absolutely recommend Byrd for anyone that needs some help!!!! I can’t imagine how much I’d still be struggling if it hadn’t been for him!

Katherine Rodriguez

Pricing Plans

We offer Personal Training Sessions, Board/Training Camp at the best prices.

*pricing can varry based on training

What You Get

Here’s what you get when you chosse Dog Handling Dojo.



in person evaluation


1 HR Consultation


1:1 Coaching

1-Time Consultation


In person evaluation




1:1 Coaching

1-Time Personal Training


in home training




1:1 Coaching

Personal Training pass


weekly In home training




1:1 Coaching

Group bootcamp


Social Training




1:1 Coaching

stay connected

Allow yourself the chance to be the leader in your relationship with your dog/s. You are family, and we can teach you how to handle it with ease.